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Thicker Fuller Shampoo & Conditioner



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Thicker Fuller Shampoo
Thicker Fuller Conditioner
Thicker Fuller Conditioner
Thicker Fuller Shampoo

16 fl. oz/ 450ml each

For Thin & Fine Hair, Young to Mature Age

Thicker Fuller Horsetail Complex Shampoo is formulated with organic oils, natural vitamins, and herbal extracts. It is very effective cleanser that washes hair perfectly and at the same time hydrates them the best. This super enriched formula helps clear away sebum build-up, impurities, dead flaky skin and removes environmental toxins and at the same time, essential oils in it help revitalize roots, strengthen the scalp and strengthen hair.


  • Split-ends
  • Vitamin B deficiency
  • Lack of protein
  • Weak hair follicle


  • Helps to revitalize hair roots
  • Helps to strengthen the hair follicle
  • Helps improving hair texture
  • Promotes healthy and thick hair


Horsetail Plant
Horsetail extract is rich in minerals for hair, tying horsetail and hair growth together. Horsetail vitamins for hair growth’s principal ingredient are the mineral silica, or silicon, which strengthens hair strands. Also, it improves its sheen and texture.

Vitamin A
Vitamin A is an antioxidant micronutrient, also known as retinol. Vitamin Ahaspositiveeffectson the hair. as it helps the scalp produce healthy sebum to nourish and protect the air.

Green Tea Leaf
Green tea contains B vitamin that helps control split ends, softens your hair, and strengthens your hair follicle. Also, it contains the antioxidant EGCG that can stimulate hair growth.

Vitamin E
Vitamin Ecanhelpimproveoverall scalp and hair health. It prevents hair loss, balances oil production and adds shine

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